1Some Much Needed Tips That You Need When It Comes To Massage And Body Rub
Make sure that you are in the moment rather than participating especially of you are the one who is giving the massage and body rub. A body rub can be an ending in a massage or it can also be part of the foreplay. When you treat body rub as a foreplay,you will be able to pull your mind to the present moment which will be a great help when it comes to investing in the pleasure of the one that is receiving the massage and the body rub even if that person is you. The best massage and the best body rub will mostly be focused in the feeling that the person receiving it is getting and it will also be focused on the recipient's enjoyment and pleasure. Read more about Body Rub & Massage. A massage and a body rub should never be a way of somebody getting what they want but rather to please the person receiving it. If the massage and the body rub leads to something like sex, then it is just okay but it is also okay if it does not.

You can also try to set the scene as this will make both you and the person who is getting the massage and the body rub ti get into play. In case there is an intrusion of noise like an alarm clock, a ringing phone or any other unexpected noise out there, you can be sure that the relaxing mood that you find would have created will go away just like that. Make sure that you turn off all the audible distractors like phones, radios, TVs, alarms and any other audible distractors that there may be. The massage and body rub experience can be greatly heightened in the side of the recipient by making sure that you light some candles and turn on very soft music.

Make sure that you are a hygienic person. This actually goes to both the person receiving the massage and body rub and the person giving ut. Visit here to get more details about Body Rub & Massage. Before a masseuse gives their client a massage, their hands should totally be clean and so should their nails. Some of the people who receive a body rub would really need you to scratch then a little bit in order to increase the sensual feelings and that a why you should make sure that your nails are totally trimmed.

Last but not least, make sure that you attend to the whole of the body. The person receiving the body rub and the massage should also be able to relax and not only to be stimulated.